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This is my version of a disclaimer.

I want to make it very clear that these are my thoughts and opinions, at no time am I suggesting that this is fact, merely my personal supposition.

I’m not an economist, nor am I a political commentator.

I’m just a curious type who reads quite a bit, watches a lot of TV, used to regularly read a daily newspaper (until it annoyed me too much, so I cancelled my subscription) and I think of myself as a left leaning liberal (with a small L).

I consider myself, first and foremost, a teacher, an educator.

I have taught/had experience of a wide range of schools.

I have also experience of business, I was a management consultant and worked in a variety of organisations around Europe. I lived in Germany for long enough to be fluent in German and have people there who I love and cherish. I love to travel and see a little bit of the world, I’ve seen more than most, but not as much as some. There’s still more to see.

I am not an expert, I am a keen observer, who spends far too much time thinking of these sorts of things.

I talk to people,

                              I argue with people,

                                                            I shout at people,

I try to be a kinder, better, more patient person every time I talk with people.

Some days I am more successful at this than others.

I like to look at life with a smile and if possible I gravitate towards the funny.

I fundamentally believe that, all things being equal, given the breathing space to think things over,

people are decent, kind and caring.

When I see people not being these things, I start to wonder why? This has led me to spend more time than is healthy pondering the different motivations people have when they say or write something.

I am no angel.

I can be very impatient.

People sometimes call me aggressive and I can be intimidating, I’ve accepted this and I try not to be.

I’m a work in progress.

I still foam at the mouth when I see Laura Kuenssberg, even though I should be forgiving. She’s a woman in the BBC Newsroom, which I can’t imagine is a fluffy and welcoming place for her to work (I could be wrong). She’s worked her way up to her position, it must have been hard. It’s just a terrible shame, she’s not a very good journalist. It’s disappointing that she is unable to keep her personal agenda out of her professional sphere

But I digress…

I’m saying this because I want you to understand, that I’m just thinking aloud,

I’m not an expert,

I repeat, I’m not an expert.

I’m not trying to change your mind,

I’m not trying to bully you into anything,

I’m just thinking… in public.

I do not intend to upset, concern, disappoint or offend. If you are any of these things, I’m sure there is a BBC helpline for it, but know that it was unintentional.

If you disagree, I will gladly listen to your views, hear your opinions, but reserve the right to simply agree to disagree.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on any of my thoughts and opinions, but please refrain from profanity or crass language (my mum reads this!).

I like reasoned debate and respectful discourse, I hope you do too. 🙂

Don’t like the world we have now?
We have the world our choices led us to

let’s just start making better choices…