Isn’t it great when you find something you thought you’d lost forever?

Now last year, I was trying to find some videos that I lost in an unfortunate World Cup related England-goal-scoring-beer-crisis incident. Basically I sprayed beer over my laptop and it went kerboom! (or more accurately fizzle fizzle pssst!) taking with it the originals of all the videos I lovingly made in China for my friends and family, who never actually watched them.

So I logged on to Myspace for the first time in many years and discovered that my videos were nowhere to be found.

You may wonder why I put them on Myspace when Facebook was around, but you have to remember that Facebook was unavailable in China, you simply could not (legally) access it. So when I found out that the Chinese Government didn’t seem to mind Myspace, I started putting the videos (and blog) on there.

When I finally gained access to Facebook (thanks to a student called Sam) it took three times as long to upload a picture to facebook, so there was no way I was uploading videos. Myspace remained the best place, until in an attempt to reclaim ground lost to Facebook, Myspace redesigned itself.

Leaving me no clue how to find my videos!

I was devastated because I was really looking forward to seeing them and I wanted to remember what life was like over there. I was more than devastated, I was inconsolable.

Today, I was finally sorting out my bookmarks folder on my browser – I know, the things we do when we’re procrastinating! – and I came across an old bookmark folder called Myspace.

I clicked the link, which took me directly to my videos page!

So if you fancy watching snippets of my daily life in China, you’ll find the links below.

Find All my China videos here:

But here are some of my favourites:

In this Video, I take a trip to the Market – there’s a lot of silence, it originally had, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen as a soundtrack, but Myspace made me take it off, so if you have it, play that (Or Bicycle, by Queen) as you’re watching it, it will enhance your viewing experience!



Come with me to the Market from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.

In this one, I visit Dennis, the supermarket and I think this is when I have a meltdown because an entire bus full of people stopped and stared at me for about 5 minutes.



Amanda visits Dennis from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.

This is one where I go on a tour of the local fast food

Fast Food – Chinese Style from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.


Where did I go when I needed cheering up? Take a look:

The Jiaozuo Pilgrimage from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.

This is the one I made when I went on a Birthday Trip to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Army. But this isn’t the Soldiers, it’s the City Wall – filed away in my memory under, ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’


Xi’an City walls from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.

My Trip to Hefei & Shanghai

Part ONE:

Amanda’s Adventures in China pt 1 from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.

and Part Two:


Amanda’s Adventures in China Part Two from Amanda Murphy on Myspace.


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