Droylsden Can Wait!

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been struck by just how little I’ve actually seen of Manchester. It occurred to me that I know Berlin better than I know Manchester. I even managed to see more of Riga in a week than I had of Manchester in the sixteen years I lived here before being deported to the Fylde Coast.

I’ve never been to Droylsden!

I’ve heard about it, I’ve always thought it was an interesting sounding name, but I’ve never been there.

I decided that on the first really nice sunny day, I would go to Droylsden…

But then I thought, why don’t I just do what I do when I’m abroad.

The first thing I do in a new city is get on the first bus that I see, with the intention of travelling to its destination. But what usually happens is that I see something interesting and get off. Then once I’m done with whatever caught my eye, I would then get on the next bus I see and start the process over.

So yesterday, I got up and the sun was flooding into the windows of my little house,

which btw is another thing that I appreciate after years of tiny-windowed ancient buildings

This was the day.

It’s was too late to do a proper day adventure, but I could at least do a test run.

So I walked to my nearest stop and got on the first bus.

But this time, instead of waiting until I saw something interesting, I thought it would be fun to be guided by numbers, so I asked my Facebook friends to help.


So there I had it. I was going to stay on the bus until I saw something with the number 42 then I’d get off.

It occurred to me that this was the first time I have ever got on a bus in Manchester! I’ve been on trams, but never the bus and you know what? I enjoyed it.

I really like the dirty industrial side of cities, I find it beautiful. So I took some photos.

This is my favourite


Before I knew it, I caught sight of a number 42 and I really intended to go back and take a picture of it, but the bus kept going for ages before getting to the next stop.

Anyway, there I was, off the bus trying to decide whether it was worth walking all the way back to get a picture.

Just so you know, it wasn’t… so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

But as I was considering my next move, I looked up at the bus stop.


There was a number 42 Bus!!!!!!

So of course I had to get on it. which lead to the strangest experience of the day.

I went to show my pass to to driver and he said, quite forcefully,

I’m not going there!

Now, I was totally confused by this, who was this mind reading driver? How could he know where I wanted to go when even I had no idea?


The driver sighed impatiently and said

Cheetham Hill, I’m not going there!

And then I realised, he wasn’t a mind-reader, he was just ever so slightly racist 🙂

I am a black woman, so of course I want to travel to Cheetham Hill, that’s where we keep all the black people in Manchester.

I should have felt insulted or annoyed, but instead I was just chuffed that I looked ‘Urban’ or even ‘Ghetto’

(I’ve always wanted to be urban and ghetto, even for five minutes!)

which means I must have lost my Boarding school teacher vibe, so I just said, in possibly the worst West Indian accent, ever,

Ya mon, me no need go home, me wan rock down to, electric avenue

Yeah, I know,

I ran out of stuff to say, so I went for the Eddy Grant song…(Listen here)

He was a little bit confused by this, I feel, because he then said

I’m going Piccadilly Gardens

Just wanting to mess with him a little more, I said, in my best RP voice

Of course, that would be jolly spiffing all round

and walked away, guffawing like a female Brian Blessed

I decided to get some more numbers


I kept an eye out, but didn’t see any 65s before I got to the bus’ destination. But then my stomach started rumbling and realised that I had been directed to one of the best places to have lunch

Piccadilly Gardens

So after taking a few pics

I decided to have lunch and can I just say that Mexican food is probably my favourite type of food, so of course it had to be a burrito

Then it was back to the task at hand.

I had to look for a 65

After wandering around for a bit, I found this


Which tbh, seems a bit overpriced, but it took me to a tram stop, where I got on the first tram that arrived.

Which took me to East Didsbury and I would love to say that I went in here


and found the perfect film to watch. That would have been a great ending to my little adventure, but unfortunately, the only film I wanted to watch started in an hour and I’m not committed enough to hang around, just so I’d have the perfect ending.

So I went back to my numbers, A friend on text had sent me a 7 and on Facebook


I’d been given a 6

I combined the  5 & 7 and found this


I was really excited that I was on my way to Cheadle until someone asked me for the time and I realised that it was getting close to Rush hour and

No way I  want to be part of that

Luckily I then saw a bus which would take me back to Salford. On the bus, I felt that I hadn’t properly finished my quest as I had a 57 and a 6 left to work with

So I looked out for a 57, which again was too far away to go back to, and jumped off the bus. Right around a corner I found a 33 bus which coincidentally would take me right back home.

I had an absolute ball, and the next sunny day, I will have another one, but this time combine it with a game of sneaky cards  (SneakyCards-Print-N-Play)

So keep an eye out on Facebook, I might need colours next time.

Before I go. Just a couple of pics




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