May the good times roll :)

2016 has been bloody awful. 

In an attempt to lighten my mood, I watched this video:

I disagree on one point only.

Not every year is going to be meaningful, special and purposeful… Blah, blah, blah…

Let’s face it, 

Some years are going to be shitty… 

Life isn’t always skipping through a meadow of bliss. 

Low moments and bad times are important. The lows help you appreciate the highs. 

if you have never been to the bottom, you never learn how to dig into your inner reserves and find a way out. Struggle helps you learn and grow. You find that you actually have more inner strength than you ever expected. You find out who you can really trust and rely on, you learn to prioritise. 

So when you’re having a shitty year

Deal with it, 

Don’t give up, get through it, so you can be there to enjoy the good times. 

Know that

Bad times should be fleeting and good times can last.

I do agree about the work thing though.


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