Welcome to the Tipping Point

Remember, I wrote about the Paradigm shift back at the end of July, http://tinyurl.com/AM44Blog-Paradigm
I never dreamt we would come so far, so quickly.
Welcome to the Tipping Point.

once a paradigm shift is in motion, there is no stopping it. The media, especially the ‘left wing media’, will find that they are losing support in their readership and will be the first to react! Why? Because more and more complaints will come flying in, accompanied by subscription cancellations, this hits them financially and therefore they will respond in order to save their bacon…


I propose a little game.
The Tipping Point Reality Check

Give yourself 1 point for every non-negative Corbyn article/news report

2 points for every positive Corbyn article/news report
2 points for any overheard Corbyn discussions (minus 2 points if it’s a negative)
5 points for every positive Corbyn article/news report in a traditionally labour hostile news source
10 points for Laura Kuenssberg saying something pleasant about Corbyn through gritted teeth (also award yourself a little jig of joy, record it and watch multiple times)
And 100 points when the BBC produce a programme about Corbyn which presents his vision and acknowledges his position as the catalyst for this Paradigm shift
If we are nearing the Tipping point, your points tally should increase.
Who’s with me? I shall be posting my weekly points total.


A Side Order of Courage with your Principles

As always, please read my disclaimer

 if you want the short version, just read the bits in purple!


This whole fiasco has Peter Mandelson’s fingerprints all over it, he’s the only one of the lot with decent long-term political strategic thinking.

Why? Because he sees his legacy being destroyed, New Labour, his baby, has grown up and nobody likes it. Hard for a parent to hear. If only people knew how wonderful his baby is.

UPDATE: 21/08/16 Having read this I may be willing to change my mind on Mandelson’s involvement, will be researching… Whoever was behind it, I believe my theory holds true.

The Part of the Labour Party who Still Blindly Follow the Blair Doctrine

(or PLPSBFBD – not as snappy as the B-Word that dare not say its name, but hey ho)

think that they are Harry Potter,

They slayed the Evil Lefties at their birth – they still have the scars.

Now they think they are saving the world from the Evil Lefties again

Imagine this:

Immediately after the Corbyn win last year, a plan was formed.

Plan A: Get rid of Corbyn 

and if that fails, 

Plan B: split the party – or even more sinister, split the wider Labour Party vote and start a new party.

But They know their history, the problem with the SDP split was that they didn’t prepare the electorate, they didn’t drag the labour vote with them. But they have friends in high places, media, judiciary, PLP etc. friends who owe them their careers, a favour, whatever, just know that they have friends…

Using the Referendum as a cover, prepare the ground.

1: Make sure the General public know of Jeremy’s hesitancy towards the EU (Thank you Mainstream Media)

7/10 – although as far as I’m concerned, 7/10 is good, I was closer to 6/10 myself (read why here) As it turns out the country as a whole was only 4.8/10 for the EU, so enough of this nonsense Owen Smith!

 2: Make sure the General Public never/rarely actually see him out there (Thank you, Mainstream Media)

 Despite the fact that as we now know Jeremy Corbyn attended more Remain meetings than all the others put together!)

3: Have the Shadow Cabinet resign, citing his ‘weak’ leadership over the EU Referendum

Chuka Umunna towing the Line

There was a hope that Corbyn supporters would go along with them, but that wasn’t their main aim. Their main aim was to plant the seeds of Corbyn’s unsuitability for Leadership within the wider (non-party members) Labour vote.

They were never intending to change the minds of the membership, the whole thing is to discredit Corbyn in the eyes of the millions, who vote Labour, but aren’t members.

They don’t want to secure Owen Smith’s victory. They know they haven’t got a hope of Owen Smith beating Jeremy Corbyn.

They are simply using the coverage to make sure the Labour electorate knows every vote losing thing that Jeremy has ‘supposedly’ done. Using their well-rehearsed fear tactics to make sure the unelectable message is clear. Make sure the electorate are scared into rejecting Corbyn.

Why do you think Owen keeps bringing up the EU referendum, Why do you think he keeps repeating the party line, He’s not a leader, he’s not electable? Not to persuade us, the Corbyn supporters.

They’re trying to destroy the Labour Party, and lay the blame at Jeremy Corbyn’s feet.

Remember, everyone’s been warning us that it would happen, if Labour Members don’t give up on Corbyn. The press have been signposting it for weeks, getting Corbyn ‘supporters’ to voice their ‘end of days’ fears, their apocalyptic visions of what happens if we continue on the Corbyn path.

Why would they do this?

So that when the Labour MPs decide to split the party, “Labour Tomorrow” can rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes, taking a fearful Labour-leaning electorate with them.

Look it up, they have things primed and ready to go.

(Yes, they are that deluded and out of touch)


When Jeremy wins, they believe that they can then split from ‘Corbyn’s Labour Party’ (thanks to the smear campaign, assumed to be full of Trotskyists, Loony Militant Lefties, violent thugs and ‘dogs’) and present the ‘terrified’ millions of Labour voters with a ‘new’ Party, probably with the slogan

“A Better Tomorrow, A Labour Tomorrow”

oops, did I let the cat out of the bag, oh well, back to the focus-grouped drawing board! 🙂

Don’t be fooled, Labour electorate, this new party will just be the political version of Squirrels.

Rats with good PR


The Labour Party will not be destroyed, because their plan has been an epic fail, simply because they think that we are politically naïve. But we’re not, we see through them and instead of staying away from the party, as the PLPSBFBD had hoped, people have been joining in droves…

They miscalculated everything.

They forgot that the General Public like an underdog. They forgot that the general public don’t like bullies. The 172 came across like either toddlers spitting out their dummies or bullies attacking a nice kid.


They simply forgot about/discounted the 33%

Forgetting that you should never presume to predict the general public, ask Gareth Gates!

There is a large part of the electorate who were totally disengaged, not because they had no interest, but because they didn’t have anything to get excited about.

The 33% non-voters are like that kid in lessons, let’s say a Politics lesson, who just can’t be bothered, until one day a new teacher arrives with a new enthusiasm, a friendly face and a kind message. Doing things differently and motivating them to be the best blooming Labour supporters they can be. Suddenly they can’t get enough of Politics, they want to go to extra after school rallies classes and everything.

It’s the egotistical arrogance, the PLPSBFBD are so convinced they are right, that Corbyn supporters are just stupid little children who have been mesmerised by the devil, they just have to shake us out of it. That the General electorate are so media controlled that they will believe everything they hear.

They preach fear while Corbyn preaches hope. Don’t believe me, look here

We are nearing the paradigm shift tipping point, it’ll get worse before it gets better…

We must continue to do our own PR campaign, not just with those who agree with us, but especially by talking with those who don’t –

Talking to those people who still believe the media narrative

Debunking myths, sharing the truth.

We just have to let our principles help us keep our nerve

Have courage and remember,

to paraphrase words from the civil rights struggle in America, 

If they’re attacking you, you must be doing something right.

Not Old Labour – Not New Labour

Just True Labour!

I know, I know, but I really like it, so I’ll keep saying it! 🙂

I’m Furious!

I’m the sort of person, who likes to see the positives in life.

I never meant to start writing stuff about Politics. I never meant to get so het up about things?

I never meant to get boring…

…blathering on all the time, to anyone who will listen to me about how I can feel the mood changing.

How, where once I could see the thought bubble over everyone’s head saying

‘what’s the point’,

I could now see some of those bubbles saying,

“things aren’t right, I wonder if we can do something about it”

The reason I’m now writing about political things is that

I had a paradigm change.

Short version, I was loving my job, but wasn’t happy, so I decided to take the leap and change my life.

I stopped worrying about earning loads of money, and started enjoying the fact that I had enough.

I had enough to keep a roof over my head.

Enough for me and my dog to eat.

I had enough to heat myself if I felt cold and enough to go out and enjoy myself if I had the fancy to do so.

 I was also working a few days a week as a Supply teacher.

This is what snapped me out of my ‘wow, isn’t my life great’ bubble.

Going into different schools all the time, I saw the disparity between schools.

The disparity of experiences between children.

I knew which schools were the haves and which, the have nots.

Selfishly, I knew which schools would give me the most relaxing day. (Clue: it wasn’t the have nots)

On my way back from one of the relaxing schools, I was offered a day at one of the ‘other’ schools. Luckily I had writing stuff to do the following day, so I immediately said no, before he properly said which school it was. That bothered me because I spent the rest of the drive home arguing with myself about what I would have done, had it been a ‘teaching’ day?

By the time I got home, I realised that

There shouldn’t be haves and have nots in an EDUCATION system.

All schools should have resources.

All children should get the same chance at an education.

The fact that I simply accepted the inequality and made use of it to make my life better made me ashamed.

Thinking about what we, as a society, have simply accepted and turn a blind eye to, because we have our own problems or because it doesn’t affect us.

That made me ashamed.

That’s why I started writing all these political articles.

Because I didn’t believe that I was alone in my thinking – I wrote about it

Because I found something I believed in – I wrote about it

Because I couldn’t stand to see the bias any more, I wrote about it.

Because I couldn’t take the blind obedience to the fake message any more, I wrote about it.

Because I felt people were being duped, I wrote about it.

I wondered if I was alone in my thinking – turns out, I’m not!

So if you’re one of those who are wondering why I won’t shut up about politics, I’m asking you this:

Why are you silent?

Every single person in this country has been affected by what successive governments have done to our society.

Some maybe in little way, some in big ways they don’t even realise.

Maybe I’m not entitled to say this because I don’t have children, but

Every single parent who has a child at a state school should be furious.

Furious at how the system has changed. How the system is failing your children.


Anyone, who is sick, might be sick, has any thoughts about getting sick in the future should be furious

Furious at what successive governments have done to the NHS

If you aren’t included in any of those groups, anyone who uses electricity or any of the PUBLIC utilities should be furious.

Furious that we pay such high energy costs and all the profit is flowing into private companies.

We should all be furious.

You can sit in your house and moan about the fact that your kids are never going to move out or you can vote for someone who wants to try to make housing affordable.

You can work your zero hours contract and live not knowing where your rent money is coming from or you can vote for someone who wants to try to create proper jobs.

You can moan about your electricity bills or you could vote for someone who will at the very least consider funding/promoting/investigating alternative energies.

In fact, pick a thing, Any thing about society that you really don’t like and ask yourself,

Will this government make it better?

Are they even considering ways to make things better?

Or are they just trying to keep things as they are?

Are they taking your fear and using it against you?

Listen to the Politicians speak, are they speaking hope or fear?

The media, the political pundits keep trying to tell me that Jeremy Corbyn cannot win an election. To those people I say:

Stop acting like you have a crystal ball or psychic powers!

Not one of you have the faintest clue what the general public thinks. The General public don’t even know what they think, they’ve not been asked yet!


If given the choice between the current Government/status quo

and the breath-taking inequality, election fraud, cronyism, overinflated expenses, overinflated egos, bullyboy tactics, media manipulation, donor worship, Murdoch worship and ever-present fear and scare tactics

a society where people, who have nothing, are made to feel afraid that someone else, just as vulnerable, will take away what little they have, while others buy gold-plated cars.


Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell et al, a group of people, with principles,  who talk about a new vision of society and believe in kindness and honesty.

I don’t know about any of you, but as I said at the beginning,

I’m the sort of person, who likes to see the positives in life.

and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Angry? I’m not angry

As usual, please read my disclaimer, before continuing.

My Message to The 171 (and those who support them)

I have been reading as many anti-Corbyn posts as I can to get a better sense of why they can’t see it?

Why they seem content to stay within the confines of their vision?

Why are they unwilling to even consider the possibility of a different vision?

We Corbynistas

(yes, I am proud to be a Corbynista)

have been accused of many things, most of which I laugh off. But I refuse to be accused of anger towards the PLP

There’s no anger from my side,

it’s more shock and disappointment.

I’m shocked…

…at the attitude and arrogance of the PLP.

They seem to be of the opinion, that their voice is of more import than all of the members combined


Because they are MPs,

completely forgetting that they wouldn’t be MPs at all if the members of their CLP hadn’t worked their arses off, knocking on doors, manning phone banks and getting out the Labour vote.

This is how the Member of Parliament for Birkenhead talks about his constituents:

Frank Field talking about his constituents

He has completely forgotten that he’s the member of Parliament FOR Birkenhead, not the member of Parliament FOR Frank Field.

And he is not alone.

IN MY OPINION most of the 172 (now 171, because one saw the error of her ways, very quickly) are now frightened to face their constituents.

IN MY OPINION Angela Eagle was so terrified, and the PLP were so terrified that her own CLP were about to discuss possible ‘no confidence’ motions in her, that they manufactured some nonsensical excuse to suspend the CLP.

Research this online, her whole campaign appeared to be riddled with deceit.

here, here or here

Then they had to parachute in good old Owen Smith, who has his own issues, but

when you’re scrabbling around for sacrificial lambs, only the really delusional ones put themselves forward, so beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m disappointed…

…that the PLP are so entrenched in the idea that only they can be right against the views of hundreds of thousands of members, that they systematically attempted to stop the ‘noisy rabble’, the ‘vicious dogs of momentum’ from having a vote.

I know of no other organisation that says it is a democratic organisation, but tries everything it can to avoid democracy.

You cannot pick and choose who should be allowed a vote.

I read about when they used to do that to black people and women,

never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.

Not in Great Britain.

1 member, 1 vote.

In my view, if you have paid your subscription, your hard earned money, to a political party, you should be allowed to vote, it shouldn’t matter, when you coughed up your pennies – there may have to be an administrative cutoff, to logistically get the ballots out, but January is a joke.

UPDATE: Today (8.8.2016) I discovered that the high court agrees with me:

full story here

I think many of those who are so afraid of Corbyn, so horrified are too afraid to dream of a new vision, because they have been let down in the past.

Michael Foot and his Jacket,

Neil Kinnock falling over on the beach

and Ed Milliband…

well , I could say the bacon sandwich, but it was lost well before that,  no-one was surprised at that one,

saddened, yes,

but not surprised…sorry Ed, I’m sure, you’re a lovely bloke and all that…

The Labour faithful have had so many years of ‘we thought we had it’ only to find out on election day, we were fooling ourselves.


What all of you fail to realise is that the Paradigm is shifting 

We are living in different times. This not then, this is now. Nothing in our society is the same as it was back then

Except maybe my mother’s inability to co-ordinate colours in her clothing choices

…and  Jeremy Corbyn’s principles

corbyn-arrest-rob-scott Picture I found here: do read this blog too

So to the 171 I say this:

Remember why that idealistic young person joined the Labour Party.

If you’re one of those who joined during the Blair (the new ‘he who shall not be named’) era and you don’t remember having dreams of social equality, working on behalf of the working classes and properly funded public services,

may I suggest that,

with the utmost respect,

much like fruit in savoury dishes,

the LABOUR party might not be the right place for you.

(what has happened to Liz Kendall anyway?
she was everywhere then whoosh,
nowhere to be seen. I’m worried about her…)

Take courage in the knowledge that:

when a Paradigm shifts, all bets are off

Remember Betamax? Forget that, do you remember Video Recorders?


Exactly, that’s an example of a Paradigm shift.

Down is up, Up is down and right-wing…

is still not acceptable in the Labour party…

So no, I’m not angry.

Because, if they are fighting so hard to cling onto their paradigm, their way. If they are resorting to dirty tricks,

we’ve already won.

They just don’t know it yet.

Examining the Myths (Part 1)

Again, please read my disclaimer before continuing

Myth No 1

Jeremy is not a leader

I think Corbyn is redefining what it means to be a leader. 

Instead of taking the easy route, sweeping aside those who sought to oppose him within the party, he decided to take the more challenging path and be inclusive. 

For my liking, he was a little too free with dissenters, he was, and still is, too inclusive. But that’s because I, like many others, have got used to seeing leaders who are mild dictators, flexing their muscles and asserting their power.

Jeremy Corbyn asked us to follow him into a new type of politics.

That includes giving us a new ‘leader paradigm’, showing us a different way to lead.

He believed in giving people a voice, even when they disagreed with him. He attempted to unite the party, not by getting rid of all those who opposed him, but by letting them into the room, by letting them in on the process. 

They rewarded him by smearing him and leaking everything they could to a hostile media. Then, by attempting to depose him. 

I’m sure he won’t be making that mistake again. He won’t need to.

When Jeremy Corbyn wins, which he will (see my reasoning here: http://tinyurl.com/AM44Blog-Paradigm )

I believe he should demand that the 172 MPs return to their constituencies and hold public meetings to explain the reasoning behind their actions, this gives them a chance to show that they take their position as an MP (the representative of a constituency) seriously.

Allowing the voices of their constituents to be heard and get a sense of what’s actually going on in the world outside of Westminster.

If they are so sure they are right, they should have no problem with this.

If they believe that their vision is the vision that the majority of their constituents have, then they will have a mandate to continue opposing Jeremy Corbyn. 

But if, 

as I suspect might happen, 

they find that they are in a minority, in their own constituencies,

they then have the option of putting their constituents’ voices above their own.

That’s what it means to be a public servant…

So if we are seriously asking the question, 

Is Jeremy Corbyn a leader?

Simply by allowing so many of those who opposed him into his Shadow cabinet in the first place, he has shown himself to be a bigger man, a better leader, than any politician I have seen in my adult life.

Myth No 2

The Labour Party is on the precipice of disaster


The Labour Party has around 550,000 members, up from 200,000 2 years ago.

The biggest left-leaning party in Europe.

Other Socialist parties around Europe are looking on enviously.

We are supposed to buy into the idea that the party is on the brink of collapse?

Because 172 people and the mainstream media, decided that the sky was falling?

Give me a break!!!!!

Here’s an analogy.

You think you have £20 in your pocket, then you reach in and instead of finding £20, there’s £60

Would you wail and cry,

“This is a disaster! The World is about to end?”

OR would you think,

“bloody hell, this is brilliant!”

Even if you take a purely financial viewpoint.

The leadership election has increased the finances of the Labour Party to the tune of over £4 million.

This is not a party on the brink of disaster!

Let me say this again.

The Labour Party has experienced unprecedented growth since Corbyn emerged as a candidate.

Only in our very confused media landscape can this level of growth be seen as a step towards disaster.

It’s only a disaster if you are on the wrong side of the paradigm shift and you are clinging on to the old ideas…

Just something for you to think about…

I’ve been a Guardian reader for 40 years, but no longer. Here’s why. 

Exactly describes my thoughts and explains why I too cancelled my Guardian subscription a year ago.

Beautifully put, Mr Walker, well done for speaking up! To my shame, I didn’t speak up when I left the Guardian behind.

Walker's Rambles

Today, I received a routine email from the Guardian regarding my ongoing subscription to the paper. I have been a regular reader of the Guardian for 40 years including as a subscriber in recent years. But no longer.

My email explaining why is listed below.

Hi there

Thank you for your recent email.

It has prompted me to contact you regarding my Guardian subscription.

I have bought the Guardian since the age of 12; I am now 52. I have always considered the paper to be fair and on the side of people who are trying to make a difference. The paper’s campaigning work is well known and rightly so. Even though I have not always agreed with the paper’s leaders and editorial line, mostly I have and one of the main reasons I have supported the paper for 40 years has been its left of centre position on the…

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Let’s Change the Debate…

Instead of everyone trading insults and shouting at each other, why don’t we look at things a different way.

Let’s stop obsessing about the Politicians and simply look at the…


The word itself has, for many people, become a turn off.

I speak to many young people, my niece included, who have the idea that politics is something that older people talk about. Something that has nothing to do with their lives.

But Politics is everywhere in her life.

She is a student.

She is now currently accruing a massive debt, because of a political decision to introduce Tuition Fees.

She will no longer have a maintenance grant, because of a political decision to abolish these.

Luckily, she has lived in good student accommodation, but if her dreams take her to London, it’s unlikely she will find somewhere suitable to live, because the rents are too high. A political decision could introduce rent controls to stop private landlords charging extortionate rents for, in some cases, unsuitable accommodation. A political choice to build social housing, would take the pressure off private,  rental accommodation.

And so on.

Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition “of, for, or relating to citizens”)

Politics is us. The citizens

We have been told that politics is deciding between left wing and Right wing, capitalism/socialism, Labour and the Tories. We have to make up our minds one way or the other.

But for me it’s having a vision of how I would like society to be, finding other people who believe the same things and working together to see if we could achieve it.

I don’t support Corbyn because I believe he’s the messiah,

I support Corbyn because he is talking about the things that I think about.

  • I recently had solar panels put on my house and I wondered why we don’t put solar panels on every house instead of building a nuclear power plant?
  • I came back from Berlin and wondered why London doesn’t have rent controls?
  • I tried to buy a train ticket to London and was shocked at how expensive it was and how confusing it all seems to be. I wondered why someone doesn’t just admit that the privatisation thing is worse than the old British Rail and maybe if we can renationalise it, we can use both experiences and make it work? Other countries do it, why don’t we find out how they do it?
  • I see a government get into power on less than 50% of the vote. I wonder why we can’t just have proportional representation. We’re not still going to believe that writing the numbers 1, 2 & 3 on a ballot instead of just an X is too taxing for your average Brit to handle, are we?
  • After all the cuts, all the misery, the deficit didn’t go down. I started to think, surely there’s a different way to look at the economy?

After the Brexit vote, I refused to believe that people voted because they were inherently racist. Something else happened, a general annoyance with the way things are going? A protest vote? Dissatisfaction at austerity?

Sons and daughters of immigrants were ganging up against immigrants. I felt that something was wrong. I started to think more and more about media manipulation.

Working in schools, I became more and more dismayed at the general depression in the teaching profession, especially in the state sector.

I wanted someone to talk about these things. I wanted to talk to other people about these things.

I hadn’t had much to do with Politics (with a big P) since I experienced the birth and inner workings of New Labour back in the 90s (long story, deffo for another time). This turned me off and made me think, why bother…

After the election, when I heard the nonsense spouted on the TV about why Labour lost, I decided to join the Labour Party.  (Read my explanation here).

I listened to that first televised leadership debate and I was actually pre-disposed to Andy Burnham before I switched on. A friend of mine had told me that he was a great MP for Wigan. So I was fully expecting to like him, but I was turned off by the ‘put together by focus group nature’ of him and what he said.

I was rooting for Yvette, because I wanted to support a woman, but she didn’t say anything that spoke to me.

When Corbyn spoke, I said out loud,

“That’s what I’ve been thinking.”

I read about the policies, they matched up with many of the questions that I’d been pondering. I was so used to thinking I was alone, I was astonished that someone else had not only been thinking these things, but they had decided to make them into policies.

When I went along to a Jeremy Corbyn event, I turned up way too early and spent an hour or so chatting with everyone I met.

There was a buzz of excitement, people were standing in a long queue for a POLITICIAN and they were excited. The people I met that day were not politicos, they were people like me, who hadn’t really been engaged for many years, some had never been engaged, but they were there, on a Saturday night, waiting in the queue to listen to a politician. There was a mix of age, ethnicity, class, it was so diverse, that I couldn’t quite work out how they had all managed to find themselves there together in the same spot, hence the intense questioning. Asking them about themselves, why they were there and every one of them said what I had said.

“He’s saying what I’m thinking”

That’s why people voted for him to be the leader. Not because they thought he was cute, not because he’s the most powerful orator they’d ever seen (he’s not).

They voted for him, simply because they agreed with him.

I then started watching more news programmes and reading more politics in the newspaper and I was surprised at how my experience was so removed from what was being reported. The more people I talked to, the more I noticed that there seemed to be a party line on Corbyn, he’s unelectable, he’s not a leader. People started talking about how he cannot be a leader if the Parliamentary Labour Party don’t respect him.

 So we get down to the nub of the problem.

Who is more important? The MPs or the members?

I would say, think about it this way.

Without members, there would be no MPs.

The members are the ones who campaign, communicate, assist, they do all the footwork, they get out the vote. It’s the members who select an MP they can get behind and then they get behind them. If they do a good enough job, they can propel them to Government.

An MP is there to represent the view of the constituency. Their own personal view, is not worth more than the views of those people who voted for them, nor is it worth less.

However, if they cease to share the views of the majority of their constituents, then they will find themselves rejected by their constituents. This is not a threat; it is their job description.

Those MPs who listen to their constituents and continue to reflect their constituents’ views will remain. Those that don’t, won’t.

Somehow, some elements of the Parliamentary Labour Party believe that they are entitled to make all the decisions in the party, they and they alone should have a say in how the party runs. This may have been the way things worked before, I don’t know, I wasn’t involved in the Labour party pre-election.

All I know is this.

Jeremy Corbyn’s election signalled a Paradigm shift in the Labour party. So far they have resisted shifting with it, but 172 MPs CANNOT and SHOULD NOT drown out the voices of 400,000 people (which is the least I think Corbyn’s majority will be)

So stop arguing about whether Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable or whether he is a Leader.

The FACT that he is an MP means that he is electable (he has won many elections)

The FACT that he has won (will again win) a leadership vote makes him a leader.

Now, you can argue your opinion on this, you can argue degrees and levels, you can say whatever you like about how this relates to the general public, when it comes down to it,

No-one has a crystal ball, no-one can say for sure what will happen in a General Election.

Everything else is nonsense and distraction –

simply conjecture and/or opinion.


We should forget about other people and make our own personal choice.

Don’t let someone else make you think that their vision of the future is more valid than yours.

Think about the kind of world you want to live in, find someone whose vision of that world closest matches yours.

Support that, discuss that, campaign for that

focus on that!