Examining the Myths (Part 1)

Again, please read my disclaimer before continuing

Myth No 1

Jeremy is not a leader

I think Corbyn is redefining what it means to be a leader. 

Instead of taking the easy route, sweeping aside those who sought to oppose him within the party, he decided to take the more challenging path and be inclusive. 

For my liking, he was a little too free with dissenters, he was, and still is, too inclusive. But that’s because I, like many others, have got used to seeing leaders who are mild dictators, flexing their muscles and asserting their power.

Jeremy Corbyn asked us to follow him into a new type of politics.

That includes giving us a new ‘leader paradigm’, showing us a different way to lead.

He believed in giving people a voice, even when they disagreed with him. He attempted to unite the party, not by getting rid of all those who opposed him, but by letting them into the room, by letting them in on the process. 

They rewarded him by smearing him and leaking everything they could to a hostile media. Then, by attempting to depose him. 

I’m sure he won’t be making that mistake again. He won’t need to.

When Jeremy Corbyn wins, which he will (see my reasoning here: http://tinyurl.com/AM44Blog-Paradigm )

I believe he should demand that the 172 MPs return to their constituencies and hold public meetings to explain the reasoning behind their actions, this gives them a chance to show that they take their position as an MP (the representative of a constituency) seriously.

Allowing the voices of their constituents to be heard and get a sense of what’s actually going on in the world outside of Westminster.

If they are so sure they are right, they should have no problem with this.

If they believe that their vision is the vision that the majority of their constituents have, then they will have a mandate to continue opposing Jeremy Corbyn. 

But if, 

as I suspect might happen, 

they find that they are in a minority, in their own constituencies,

they then have the option of putting their constituents’ voices above their own.

That’s what it means to be a public servant…

So if we are seriously asking the question, 

Is Jeremy Corbyn a leader?

Simply by allowing so many of those who opposed him into his Shadow cabinet in the first place, he has shown himself to be a bigger man, a better leader, than any politician I have seen in my adult life.

Myth No 2

The Labour Party is on the precipice of disaster


The Labour Party has around 550,000 members, up from 200,000 2 years ago.

The biggest left-leaning party in Europe.

Other Socialist parties around Europe are looking on enviously.

We are supposed to buy into the idea that the party is on the brink of collapse?

Because 172 people and the mainstream media, decided that the sky was falling?

Give me a break!!!!!

Here’s an analogy.

You think you have £20 in your pocket, then you reach in and instead of finding £20, there’s £60

Would you wail and cry,

“This is a disaster! The World is about to end?”

OR would you think,

“bloody hell, this is brilliant!”

Even if you take a purely financial viewpoint.

The leadership election has increased the finances of the Labour Party to the tune of over £4 million.

This is not a party on the brink of disaster!

Let me say this again.

The Labour Party has experienced unprecedented growth since Corbyn emerged as a candidate.

Only in our very confused media landscape can this level of growth be seen as a step towards disaster.

It’s only a disaster if you are on the wrong side of the paradigm shift and you are clinging on to the old ideas…

Just something for you to think about…


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