Angry? I’m not angry

As usual, please read my disclaimer, before continuing.

My Message to The 171 (and those who support them)

I have been reading as many anti-Corbyn posts as I can to get a better sense of why they can’t see it?

Why they seem content to stay within the confines of their vision?

Why are they unwilling to even consider the possibility of a different vision?

We Corbynistas

(yes, I am proud to be a Corbynista)

have been accused of many things, most of which I laugh off. But I refuse to be accused of anger towards the PLP

There’s no anger from my side,

it’s more shock and disappointment.

I’m shocked…

…at the attitude and arrogance of the PLP.

They seem to be of the opinion, that their voice is of more import than all of the members combined


Because they are MPs,

completely forgetting that they wouldn’t be MPs at all if the members of their CLP hadn’t worked their arses off, knocking on doors, manning phone banks and getting out the Labour vote.

This is how the Member of Parliament for Birkenhead talks about his constituents:

Frank Field talking about his constituents

He has completely forgotten that he’s the member of Parliament FOR Birkenhead, not the member of Parliament FOR Frank Field.

And he is not alone.

IN MY OPINION most of the 172 (now 171, because one saw the error of her ways, very quickly) are now frightened to face their constituents.

IN MY OPINION Angela Eagle was so terrified, and the PLP were so terrified that her own CLP were about to discuss possible ‘no confidence’ motions in her, that they manufactured some nonsensical excuse to suspend the CLP.

Research this online, her whole campaign appeared to be riddled with deceit.

here, here or here

Then they had to parachute in good old Owen Smith, who has his own issues, but

when you’re scrabbling around for sacrificial lambs, only the really delusional ones put themselves forward, so beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m disappointed…

…that the PLP are so entrenched in the idea that only they can be right against the views of hundreds of thousands of members, that they systematically attempted to stop the ‘noisy rabble’, the ‘vicious dogs of momentum’ from having a vote.

I know of no other organisation that says it is a democratic organisation, but tries everything it can to avoid democracy.

You cannot pick and choose who should be allowed a vote.

I read about when they used to do that to black people and women,

never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.

Not in Great Britain.

1 member, 1 vote.

In my view, if you have paid your subscription, your hard earned money, to a political party, you should be allowed to vote, it shouldn’t matter, when you coughed up your pennies – there may have to be an administrative cutoff, to logistically get the ballots out, but January is a joke.

UPDATE: Today (8.8.2016) I discovered that the high court agrees with me:

full story here

I think many of those who are so afraid of Corbyn, so horrified are too afraid to dream of a new vision, because they have been let down in the past.

Michael Foot and his Jacket,

Neil Kinnock falling over on the beach

and Ed Milliband…

well , I could say the bacon sandwich, but it was lost well before that,  no-one was surprised at that one,

saddened, yes,

but not surprised…sorry Ed, I’m sure, you’re a lovely bloke and all that…

The Labour faithful have had so many years of ‘we thought we had it’ only to find out on election day, we were fooling ourselves.


What all of you fail to realise is that the Paradigm is shifting 

We are living in different times. This not then, this is now. Nothing in our society is the same as it was back then

Except maybe my mother’s inability to co-ordinate colours in her clothing choices

…and  Jeremy Corbyn’s principles

corbyn-arrest-rob-scott Picture I found here: do read this blog too

So to the 171 I say this:

Remember why that idealistic young person joined the Labour Party.

If you’re one of those who joined during the Blair (the new ‘he who shall not be named’) era and you don’t remember having dreams of social equality, working on behalf of the working classes and properly funded public services,

may I suggest that,

with the utmost respect,

much like fruit in savoury dishes,

the LABOUR party might not be the right place for you.

(what has happened to Liz Kendall anyway?
she was everywhere then whoosh,
nowhere to be seen. I’m worried about her…)

Take courage in the knowledge that:

when a Paradigm shifts, all bets are off

Remember Betamax? Forget that, do you remember Video Recorders?


Exactly, that’s an example of a Paradigm shift.

Down is up, Up is down and right-wing…

is still not acceptable in the Labour party…

So no, I’m not angry.

Because, if they are fighting so hard to cling onto their paradigm, their way. If they are resorting to dirty tricks,

we’ve already won.

They just don’t know it yet.


6 thoughts on “Angry? I’m not angry

  1. Why do so many developing leaders lose their way and step into destructive and/or unethical actions? For want of a role model perhaps? I hope that Jeremy can provide an appropriate role model for a new generation of politicians, socialist and otherwise, like Mhiari Black who put honesty and integrity at the top of their personal agenda.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think they lose their way, because they get a taste of power and they believe the hype.

    I looked at Corbyn and thought to myself, if he was a careerist, he would have succumbed in the 90s when I’m sure cabinet positions were available if you toed the line. If 33years of Parliament hasn’t corrupted him, I doubt he’ll change now, especially when finally people are beginning to listen to him.
    I’ll be worried if he starts wearing expensive tailored suits, cuff links and ties 😃
    If he starts to change his appearance in order to ‘win votes’ or if there’s even a sniff of a focus group, I’m off!


  3. the man has an allotment,what more would we want to prove his lack of greed…if you have ever grown veggies you would know how much patience you comfy clothes…He does not want power, he wants us to be able to have the power of control of our lives and a fair and safe society…none of which we have had with the ones in charge for last 30 plus yrs…


  4. I have gone through all this with my Trades Union. I had an excellent Union and was Secretary of the Branch, organised a strike during the Thatcher period of mis-Government, our Union actually won all of its Members a pay rise ‘they asked for’ and still, still, still, I had members who thought that the Management had given it them as a goodwill gesture together with a gold star !! This is exactly the same, the PLP think they are above anyone and anything else and, worse, that they are right. No! I am not angry, just sad that there are so few ordinary people in the Party who are there for me not themselves. Let us all now get behind Jeremy and his slate of people and prove to everyone that he was right all along. Up the revolution !!


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