I’m Furious!

I’m the sort of person, who likes to see the positives in life.

I never meant to start writing stuff about Politics. I never meant to get so het up about things?

I never meant to get boring…

…blathering on all the time, to anyone who will listen to me about how I can feel the mood changing.

How, where once I could see the thought bubble over everyone’s head saying

‘what’s the point’,

I could now see some of those bubbles saying,

“things aren’t right, I wonder if we can do something about it”

The reason I’m now writing about political things is that

I had a paradigm change.

Short version, I was loving my job, but wasn’t happy, so I decided to take the leap and change my life.

I stopped worrying about earning loads of money, and started enjoying the fact that I had enough.

I had enough to keep a roof over my head.

Enough for me and my dog to eat.

I had enough to heat myself if I felt cold and enough to go out and enjoy myself if I had the fancy to do so.

 I was also working a few days a week as a Supply teacher.

This is what snapped me out of my ‘wow, isn’t my life great’ bubble.

Going into different schools all the time, I saw the disparity between schools.

The disparity of experiences between children.

I knew which schools were the haves and which, the have nots.

Selfishly, I knew which schools would give me the most relaxing day. (Clue: it wasn’t the have nots)

On my way back from one of the relaxing schools, I was offered a day at one of the ‘other’ schools. Luckily I had writing stuff to do the following day, so I immediately said no, before he properly said which school it was. That bothered me because I spent the rest of the drive home arguing with myself about what I would have done, had it been a ‘teaching’ day?

By the time I got home, I realised that

There shouldn’t be haves and have nots in an EDUCATION system.

All schools should have resources.

All children should get the same chance at an education.

The fact that I simply accepted the inequality and made use of it to make my life better made me ashamed.

Thinking about what we, as a society, have simply accepted and turn a blind eye to, because we have our own problems or because it doesn’t affect us.

That made me ashamed.

That’s why I started writing all these political articles.

Because I didn’t believe that I was alone in my thinking – I wrote about it

Because I found something I believed in – I wrote about it

Because I couldn’t stand to see the bias any more, I wrote about it.

Because I couldn’t take the blind obedience to the fake message any more, I wrote about it.

Because I felt people were being duped, I wrote about it.

I wondered if I was alone in my thinking – turns out, I’m not!

So if you’re one of those who are wondering why I won’t shut up about politics, I’m asking you this:

Why are you silent?

Every single person in this country has been affected by what successive governments have done to our society.

Some maybe in little way, some in big ways they don’t even realise.

Maybe I’m not entitled to say this because I don’t have children, but

Every single parent who has a child at a state school should be furious.

Furious at how the system has changed. How the system is failing your children.


Anyone, who is sick, might be sick, has any thoughts about getting sick in the future should be furious

Furious at what successive governments have done to the NHS

If you aren’t included in any of those groups, anyone who uses electricity or any of the PUBLIC utilities should be furious.

Furious that we pay such high energy costs and all the profit is flowing into private companies.

We should all be furious.

You can sit in your house and moan about the fact that your kids are never going to move out or you can vote for someone who wants to try to make housing affordable.

You can work your zero hours contract and live not knowing where your rent money is coming from or you can vote for someone who wants to try to create proper jobs.

You can moan about your electricity bills or you could vote for someone who will at the very least consider funding/promoting/investigating alternative energies.

In fact, pick a thing, Any thing about society that you really don’t like and ask yourself,

Will this government make it better?

Are they even considering ways to make things better?

Or are they just trying to keep things as they are?

Are they taking your fear and using it against you?

Listen to the Politicians speak, are they speaking hope or fear?

The media, the political pundits keep trying to tell me that Jeremy Corbyn cannot win an election. To those people I say:

Stop acting like you have a crystal ball or psychic powers!

Not one of you have the faintest clue what the general public thinks. The General public don’t even know what they think, they’ve not been asked yet!


If given the choice between the current Government/status quo

and the breath-taking inequality, election fraud, cronyism, overinflated expenses, overinflated egos, bullyboy tactics, media manipulation, donor worship, Murdoch worship and ever-present fear and scare tactics

a society where people, who have nothing, are made to feel afraid that someone else, just as vulnerable, will take away what little they have, while others buy gold-plated cars.


Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell et al, a group of people, with principles,  who talk about a new vision of society and believe in kindness and honesty.

I don’t know about any of you, but as I said at the beginning,

I’m the sort of person, who likes to see the positives in life.

and I don’t think I’m the only one.


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