A Side Order of Courage with your Principles

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 if you want the short version, just read the bits in purple!


This whole fiasco has Peter Mandelson’s fingerprints all over it, he’s the only one of the lot with decent long-term political strategic thinking.

Why? Because he sees his legacy being destroyed, New Labour, his baby, has grown up and nobody likes it. Hard for a parent to hear. If only people knew how wonderful his baby is.

UPDATE: 21/08/16 Having read this I may be willing to change my mind on Mandelson’s involvement, will be researching… Whoever was behind it, I believe my theory holds true.

The Part of the Labour Party who Still Blindly Follow the Blair Doctrine

(or PLPSBFBD – not as snappy as the B-Word that dare not say its name, but hey ho)

think that they are Harry Potter,

They slayed the Evil Lefties at their birth – they still have the scars.

Now they think they are saving the world from the Evil Lefties again

Imagine this:

Immediately after the Corbyn win last year, a plan was formed.

Plan A: Get rid of Corbyn 

and if that fails, 

Plan B: split the party – or even more sinister, split the wider Labour Party vote and start a new party.

But They know their history, the problem with the SDP split was that they didn’t prepare the electorate, they didn’t drag the labour vote with them. But they have friends in high places, media, judiciary, PLP etc. friends who owe them their careers, a favour, whatever, just know that they have friends…

Using the Referendum as a cover, prepare the ground.

1: Make sure the General public know of Jeremy’s hesitancy towards the EU (Thank you Mainstream Media)

7/10 – although as far as I’m concerned, 7/10 is good, I was closer to 6/10 myself (read why here) As it turns out the country as a whole was only 4.8/10 for the EU, so enough of this nonsense Owen Smith!

 2: Make sure the General Public never/rarely actually see him out there (Thank you, Mainstream Media)

 Despite the fact that as we now know Jeremy Corbyn attended more Remain meetings than all the others put together!)

3: Have the Shadow Cabinet resign, citing his ‘weak’ leadership over the EU Referendum

Chuka Umunna towing the Line

There was a hope that Corbyn supporters would go along with them, but that wasn’t their main aim. Their main aim was to plant the seeds of Corbyn’s unsuitability for Leadership within the wider (non-party members) Labour vote.

They were never intending to change the minds of the membership, the whole thing is to discredit Corbyn in the eyes of the millions, who vote Labour, but aren’t members.

They don’t want to secure Owen Smith’s victory. They know they haven’t got a hope of Owen Smith beating Jeremy Corbyn.

They are simply using the coverage to make sure the Labour electorate knows every vote losing thing that Jeremy has ‘supposedly’ done. Using their well-rehearsed fear tactics to make sure the unelectable message is clear. Make sure the electorate are scared into rejecting Corbyn.

Why do you think Owen keeps bringing up the EU referendum, Why do you think he keeps repeating the party line, He’s not a leader, he’s not electable? Not to persuade us, the Corbyn supporters.

They’re trying to destroy the Labour Party, and lay the blame at Jeremy Corbyn’s feet.

Remember, everyone’s been warning us that it would happen, if Labour Members don’t give up on Corbyn. The press have been signposting it for weeks, getting Corbyn ‘supporters’ to voice their ‘end of days’ fears, their apocalyptic visions of what happens if we continue on the Corbyn path.

Why would they do this?

So that when the Labour MPs decide to split the party, “Labour Tomorrow” can rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes, taking a fearful Labour-leaning electorate with them.

Look it up, they have things primed and ready to go.

(Yes, they are that deluded and out of touch)


When Jeremy wins, they believe that they can then split from ‘Corbyn’s Labour Party’ (thanks to the smear campaign, assumed to be full of Trotskyists, Loony Militant Lefties, violent thugs and ‘dogs’) and present the ‘terrified’ millions of Labour voters with a ‘new’ Party, probably with the slogan

“A Better Tomorrow, A Labour Tomorrow”

oops, did I let the cat out of the bag, oh well, back to the focus-grouped drawing board! 🙂

Don’t be fooled, Labour electorate, this new party will just be the political version of Squirrels.

Rats with good PR


The Labour Party will not be destroyed, because their plan has been an epic fail, simply because they think that we are politically naïve. But we’re not, we see through them and instead of staying away from the party, as the PLPSBFBD had hoped, people have been joining in droves…

They miscalculated everything.

They forgot that the General Public like an underdog. They forgot that the general public don’t like bullies. The 172 came across like either toddlers spitting out their dummies or bullies attacking a nice kid.


They simply forgot about/discounted the 33%

Forgetting that you should never presume to predict the general public, ask Gareth Gates!

There is a large part of the electorate who were totally disengaged, not because they had no interest, but because they didn’t have anything to get excited about.

The 33% non-voters are like that kid in lessons, let’s say a Politics lesson, who just can’t be bothered, until one day a new teacher arrives with a new enthusiasm, a friendly face and a kind message. Doing things differently and motivating them to be the best blooming Labour supporters they can be. Suddenly they can’t get enough of Politics, they want to go to extra after school rallies classes and everything.

It’s the egotistical arrogance, the PLPSBFBD are so convinced they are right, that Corbyn supporters are just stupid little children who have been mesmerised by the devil, they just have to shake us out of it. That the General electorate are so media controlled that they will believe everything they hear.

They preach fear while Corbyn preaches hope. Don’t believe me, look here

We are nearing the paradigm shift tipping point, it’ll get worse before it gets better…

We must continue to do our own PR campaign, not just with those who agree with us, but especially by talking with those who don’t –

Talking to those people who still believe the media narrative

Debunking myths, sharing the truth.

We just have to let our principles help us keep our nerve

Have courage and remember,

to paraphrase words from the civil rights struggle in America, 

If they’re attacking you, you must be doing something right.

Not Old Labour – Not New Labour

Just True Labour!

I know, I know, but I really like it, so I’ll keep saying it! 🙂

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