They always focus on the lead singer!

Everyone is talking about Jeremy Corbyn, like the lead singer of the band, he gets all the press. And, like a clever Lead Singer, he has surrounded himself with talent.

In my own attempt to redress the balance, I would like to talk about the talented lead Guitarist, John McDonnell.

Normally, I’m not a fan of middle-aged white men seeking power, but I’m prepared to make an exception in this case. Mainly, because I actually believe him when he says he’s committed to increasing the representation of women and minorities within the Labour Party.

Look at the brilliantly talented MPs Rebecca Long-Bailey (@RLong_Bailey) and Angela Rayner (@AngelaRayner) among others recently promoted to the Shadow Cabinet. One of the few things we can thank the plotters for 🙂

I am prepared to declare a teeny tiny crush.

He’s like the bad boy to Corbyn’s goody two shoes.

I love the fact, that he gets warnings not to make jokes and not to swear. Like the naughty kid, you try not to like, you can almost imagine him, head down, being told off and apologising with a glint in his eye, knowing full well he’ll blooming well say what he wants 🙂

If you’ve never heard him speak, do watch the video below (it’s a bit wobbly at times, the poor guy recording said his arms got tired holding up his phone, so do bear with it. The audio is perfect).

Honestly, if after listening to him, you’re not sat there with a little smile, then you’re clearly a joyless individual who seriously needs to get out and have a laugh.


Featured image found here:


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