The FAIR way forward…

Is it wrong to suggest that the 171 MPs who caused all the upset within the party, return to their CLPs and hold public meetings, where they get to explain their points of view and hear the views of their constituents?

If their CLPs fundamentally disagree with the MPs stance, the MP then has the option of putting their personal views aside for the good of their constituents, which is essentially what being a public servant is all about, or if they are unwilling to do so, the CLP should be able to field an alternative candidate who could then challenge them for the next General election. In this way, finally, the CLP are able to choose the person they believe best represents them.

After all, the fundamental job, the basic idea of an MP is to be the parliamentary representative of that Constituency, advocating for the members of that constituency.

I think this is a fair way to put all the nastiness to bed and move on.


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