Stop it, Adele!

I watched the Grammys and I saw Adele not accepting that she is worthy of the  Album  Of The Year Grammy.

I don’t want to take anything away from Beyoncé, honestly I don’t. I, like many others, took myself off to my computer as soon as I heard the buzz about Lemonade. I sat and watched the entire thing


and wow, it was an amazing watch.

The videos were beautiful, the poetry was stunning and as a full body of work, it was a brilliant, well-told story. I can honestly say that apart from the questionable message, which I’ll get back to, it was outstanding. But, but, but…

I’m in my forties and what I’m looking for in an album is not something I can sit on my sofa and watch.

I want something I can dance around my kitchen to, while baking cakes and squealing at the top of my voice – which by the way because of the smoking, drinking and advanced years is not quite as high as it once was 🙂

And for this purpose, I’m afraid, Beyoncé’s Lemonade doesn’t quite cut it. The music is there, some of the songs are kitchen worthy, but there’s not enough to belt out, there’s not enough high notes to challenge the aforesaid dodgy vocal chords, not enough scope for dodgy dancing whilst flinging cake mix around. it’s too much style over substance, it’s designed to be watched and admired, not actually listened to while trying to cream together butter and sugar.

On the other hand, ‘Send My Love to Your New Lover’ is a perfect song to sling some eggs into a mixture to. ‘Hello’ is perfect for sifting and folding in flour and ‘When We Were Young’, if you ignore that she’s, what? 26 at most and therefore still very much young, is the most perfect song to stand there with a wooden spoon caterwauling as loud as you can, while remembering all those people you fancied at school

(Yes I thought about you Polski, what are you up to nowadays?)

Maybe I’m just not young enough to appreciate Beyoncé’s artistry, but it’s just not singy enough, sorry.

I did say I would get back to my reluctance to praise Lemonade because of its somewhat dodgy message. Now, I appreciate what she was trying to do, but in my humble opinion, perpetuating the myth that men are weak and can’t help cheating and if you really love them you’ll give them a second chance, because your love is an epic love and together you can work through it. Bullshit! That’s ridiculous and not something you should be spreading if you truly want to empower women.

I’d rather have Adele’s message of send my love to your new lover, treat her better!

So Adele, no matter how much you admire Beyoncé, you bloody deserved that award.

It’s not a Grammy, but my cakes and I thank you.


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