Dear Milennials, I apologise…

Dear Milennials, I apologise…

But not for what you think 😃

I still think on most practical things, you’re really rubbish, don’t get me started…

But that’s not your fault

You’re all pretty rubbish at like expressing yourselves fam, hang on let me take a selfie *pouts*

But that’s not all your fault.

I think your general knowledge is shocking, but that’s not all your fault either.

I used to feel sorry for you, growing up not knowing the simple pleasure of opening a letter, writing a reply, then living through the agonising wait of sometimes weeks before you get a reply. Oh, but the satisfaction when it arrives… Glorious 💕 Especially if it’s a long one 😃

I used to shake my head that you had to grow up surrounded by an overload of media, but couldn’t be bothered to pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV.

I thought it was terrible that there are cameras everywhere and everything has to be live streamed

(no, I don’t want to watch even 30 seconds if you pouting into the lens…)

But I didn’t get it,

When you grow up surrounded by so much bullshit (sorry, Mum) you get used to spotting the bullshit ( again, sorry, Mum) and you know how to counter the bullshit (Ok, I swear, Mum, get used to it 😃).

If you don’t pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV, you’re less susceptible to the propaganda.

If you spend your life on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, you find out about what is going on instantaneously, and not through a mainstream media filter, but from the people who are in the middle of it, as it’s happening.




I used to want to shake you, when I heard you say, I’m not interested in politics, what’s the point? They’re all the same…

And do you know what, dear Milennials, you were bloody right. They were all the same.

But they’re not now, are they?

I wrote last year,

“The 33% non-voters are like that kid in lessons, let’s say a Politics lesson, who just can’t be bothered, until one day a new teacher arrives with a new enthusiasm, a friendly face and a kind message. Doing things differently and motivating them to be the best blooming Labour supporters they can be. Suddenly they can’t get enough of Politics, they want to go to extra after school rallies classes and everything.”

I admit, I also didn’t believe the young people would drag themselves out of their apathy, I thought you were too far gone.

I didn’t believe in you.

And for this, I apologise.

You just needed to be inspired.

If I may continue the analogy for a while, I underestimated the power of a good Politics teacher, someone who gives you something that you can’t buy, you can’t force and you cannot fake,


And a belief that things CAN be better, for all of us, not just some of us.


The fight has not yet been won, it’s only just begun.

The media will rise up against you

But I believe in you.

I believe you are better than they give you credit for.

I believe that, given wings, you can soar.

Sorry, got carried away there, but you get it, right?

You have so much (my Milennial nephew hates it when I use this word) POTENTIAL


Are you up for it?

Get those tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, facebooking fingers at the ready to defend and (politely please, you’re not savages) attack!

Talk to each other IRL 😃 (I’m so down, it’s almost uncool 😃)


Connect, organise, mobilise

Show us old fogies what you’re really made of.

Find your voices and roar!

Did that get weird there at the end? I thought that got a bit weird?
Anyhoo, you know what I mean 😃

Who Knew??!

I’m getting heartily sick and tired of all these ridiculous political commentators and pundits sitting on my telly, shocked, saying,

“Who could possibly have predicted this?”

What made me laugh was the commentators and pundits all, at some point, took a swipe at social media users, saying that they exist in an echo chamber, not realising that the London/SE Media Bubble is the biggest and most echoey, echo chamber of them all. No wonder they couldn’t predict what was going on.

To them Corbyn was a scruffy joke, who bumbled about shouting Marxist nonsense, then other Trotskyists joined him and they took over the Labour Party, next thing you know Canterbury and Kensington were voting Labour, “Who knew?!”

I knew…

I watched the first 7 minutes of the first Leadership debate and I knew that Jeremy Corbyn was different.

(For West Wing fans, I had a ‘Josh Moment’).

Now, I’m no political commentator, I don’t have a million readers, I have less than 60 followers on twitter, but I am a curious sort.

Because I was a curious sort, Corbyn’s performance made me want to find out whether he was resonating with people and if so, what sort of people was he resonating with?

Coincidentally, I found out that he was holding a rally not far away from where I lived, so I wandered on by. What I saw, the people I talked to, the feeling of excitement in the air made me convinced I was seeing the rumblings of change.

Now, in the London/SE media bubble, where everyone had decided on their winner for the leadership, Corbyn was a joke, an embarrassment.

But there I was, standing outside a venue on an industrial estate in Manchester on a Friday evening, queuing up, QUEUING UP! to get into a political rally, chatting to a 56-year-old woman and a 19-year-old, about how we couldn’t believe we were standing there waiting to see a politician. None of us had had much to do with politics before (I’d been out of Politics for 20 years). We were laughing at how funny it was and a few other people in the queue joined in, they too were entering into the political sphere for the first time. I remember feeling really hopeful, for the first time in years.

To us, Corbyn was an inspiration.

This was a few weeks into leadership race and the signs were all there. Corbyn was mobilising the previously apathetic! I was excited and enthused and I decided that I would be voting for Jeremy and I, like others who were at the event, went back to my Facebook page and started telling people about Corbyn and sharing everything I could find.

(Some of these people I met a various rallys are now facebook friends, some I have since met up with at Labour Party meetings.)

That’s how it starts, you see…

People connecting and communicating. Working for a common purpose.

I wrote about what I was seeing: The Way I See It, The Way I See It 2, It’s a Paradigm Shift

Even after he won, I was confused as to why the left-leaning press at the very least, couldn’t see it.

In 2015, it was impossible to distinguish the left-wing papers from the right-wing ones. This was equal opportunity Corbyn bashing on an unprecedented scale.

The leader of the Labour party had just been voted in with a massive majority and The Guardian was hyper-critical and unfairly hostile!!!


It was universally agreed, in the London/SE Media Bubble, despite the overwhelming nature of his win, that Jeremy Corbyn, who had just WON an ELECTION was a joke. An UNELECTABLE joke.

After the second Leadership election win, I was certain that the journalists would start being curious sorts and asking themselves why so many people were voting for a person the media thought was a no-hoper? But instead, they sided with those, who were equally as deluded and allowed the angry, spurned, so-called ‘moderates’ in the Labour Party to frame the debate.

I knew that the Mirror and the Guardian would be the first to come round, mainly because they would be the first to feel it financially. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to, quite vocally, cancel a subscription, to stop buying the newspapers. I knew they would find their way back, not on ideological grounds, but financial. I also knew that when they did, it would be because enough people had turned their backs to force them into it and that would mean that the tipping point had been reached.

My experience with Paradigm shifts told me then that the Tories’ days were numbered.

What it comes down to is this: The media and pundits couldn’t see the Corbyn thing coming for the same reason they couldn’t see the Brexit thing coming,

They couldn’t see it because it wasn’t happening where they lived, worked, socialised. It was in the parts of town that they didn’t go. The parts of the country where they have no connections, among people that they looked down upon and discounted as unimportant, the poor, the grafters, the ‘work two jobs and still can’t afford a takeaway’ people, the NHS workers, the young people, the disabled.

They forgot that if you take the masses for granted long enough, the masses will eventually notice and look around for someone who will speak to/for them.

When May called the election, I wandered around telling everyone that under normal circumstances Labour should win. Closer to the election I realised it was likely to be a hung parliament, because the campaign period was much shorter this time. People laughed at me!

The morning of the election, I cheered up some of the campaign team for my local MP, by explaining, in detail, how a hung parliament was a foregone conclusion.

In my model, I was looking for wins in the Tories heartland. I ignored Scotland, because I didn’t know enough about Scottish politics to hazard a guess.

Scotland shocked me, until I remembered that Kezia Dugdale distanced herself completely from Corbyn and requested that he not campaign there. Idiotic!

People will attribute Corbyn’s Labour turnaround to his ‘improved media handling’ or a change in his approach.

This is nonsense.

He grew in confidence, yes, but that is not why he was successful. He was successful because, for the first time, the press had to give him ‘the floor’. Up until the start of the campaign, the public were only allowed to view Corbyn through a veil of the media’s making, the media showed the public their version of Corbyn.

Election rules meant that the veil was lifted and the public experienced the man himself.

Once that happened, it was a forgone conclusion. He exudes authenticity and integrity. People naturally respond to that. Given a normal length election cycle, it would have been a labour landslide…

So, dear Media, when you are asking yourselves, who knew? Who could have predicted this?

I answer proudly,

I bloody well did!

 What do I see coming now? Well, I know that the Conservatives time in power is over, bar the shouting.


Because you can’t stop a paradigm shift once it has hit the tipping point, that’s why.

I repeat,

you can’t stop a paradigm shift once it has hit the tipping point

Once the establishment mainstream media start talking about political ‘adjustments’ or ‘realignments’ you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re way over the tipping point.

In 11 days time, the General Public will see that the Conservatives have absolutely no clue how far down this hole, they have dug our country into, goes.  The Tory ‘hard negotiation’  approach to the ‘tough talks’ that they’re going to have with the European Union will be shown to be completely clueless, pointless and fruitless.

We, Britain, have asked for a divorce and we won’t get to keep the house if we antagonise and demonise our negotiating partners BEFORE we start negotiating.

The Conservatives will return in turmoil, if, indeed, they even get that far…

The country will realise that if we want to succeed in achieving a mutually beneficial outcome to our exit of the EU, we must reach out to our friends in Europe and build bridges to make more friends. The country will realise this, because while Theresa is blustering and ranting, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party will be reaching out to friends and governments on the continent, talking and more importantly, listening.

Corbyn will be extending the hand of respect and friendship.

So, dear Labour Party family,

Pause for a moment and think about what we have achieved thus far,

Labour Party gains in

Lincoln 😮

Canterbury 😮

And bloody KENSINGTON for gods sake!!!!!! 🙀

As long as we hold our nerve, stick together and stand united, all we have to do is get some popcorn, sit back and watch the Conservative Party implode.

Watch for a little while, then get up and get out there. Because the media will go on the attack, with greater enthusiasm and we must be prepared for it. Tweeting fingers at the ready to rebuff and counter.

If you know someone who didn’t vote, show them some of the really tight numbers, seats won by the Tories in single digits and mere hundreds and tell them, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

If you haven’t already done so, join the Labour Party, encourage your friends and family to do so also.

Do you know someone who didn’t register to vote the last time? Help them to register to vote now.

Talk to every person you know, every person you encounter. The campaigning continues.

Because the next election is round the corner, let’s be up and running…

We cannot lose now

For we are many, they are few…

for many


Oh *snap* Theresa!

In the Autopsy to the 2017 Snap General Election, everyone in the Tory camp is going to be asking themselves, what went wrong?

Leaving aside the car crash that was the Tory manifesto, please allow me to offer up my (adjusted for inflation) 50p’s worth.

The Tories believed their own propaganda.

They thought the had the measure of the British people, they thought they controlled the information flow. They believed they actually were 20 points ahead. They weren’t.

It only seemed like it, because their opinion polls were set up to ignore all the people who, actually in the end, caused their downfall,

‘never before’ voters and young people.

Because in their paradigm, these people can be ignored, because they don’t participate in the process, it didn’t occur to the Tories that by ignoring them, they eventually guarantee that they will get involved.

If people get left behind long enough, they start looking for their own path.

And, well, there’s no way to sugar-coat it…

Theresa was a bit of a disaster, wasn’t she?

Tory female politicians are not born, they’re made and to get to the top of such a braying, pompous and arrogant boys club, you must be twice as good and twice as tough, otherwise you’re just a girl and ‘girls aren’t allowed’.

So is it any wonder Theresa couldn’t display any human emotion? Too many years of Tory politicking had conditioned her against such displays. 

People are saying Lynton Crosby did a bad job.

I say he did an amazing job, why? Because Theresa May is still in No 10, that’s why! Even if she’s barely hanging on by her fingertips, possession is nine tenths of the law and all that.

That is a remarkable achievement. 

He did the absolute best with what he had. 

She is an excellent script-reading public speaker

(thanks btw to an excellent education system, that her mates managed to dismantle and destroy, but don’t get me started on this…) 

She is excellent at remembering her lines and, as long as she keeps any spontaneous interaction to a minimum and avoids real scrutiny, she is able to effectively pass as a competent leader. 

So Lynton did what he had to do. He gave her the script, told her not to deviate from it. He kept her closeted away, surrounded by acolytes, kept the press at arm’s length, refused debates, kept her head down and hoped they made it to the finish line before she was found out.

So, actually, he did well.

The biggest problem he had was that the candidate truly believed she was strong and stable at the beginning and so, when spontaneous interaction occurred, she was truly shaken,

because that’s when she realised, she had no script for that…

and that’s when the wheels started to come off.

Thank goodness they only needed to keep it up for 7 weeks, if it was a normal election cycle they would have been toast. The conservatives might have even been decimated into 3rd place.

So maybe the ‘snap’ nature of this election was the thing that saved her,

So *snaps* to you Theresa…

but not for long…

Healing Rifts…

(Clickable links are in green)

I’m updating my post from Last year: Angry? I’m not Angry mainly because I feel it is important to send a message to the people within the Labour Party who previously (or still) oppose Corbyn. This is my personal plea (disclaimer here).

I think many of those on the left who are so afraid of Corbyn, so against him, are too afraid to dream of a new vision, because they have been let down in the past.

Michael Foot and his Jacket,

Neil Kinnock falling over on the beach

and Ed Milliband…

well , I could say the bacon sandwich, but it was lost well before that,  no-one was surprised at that one,

saddened, yes,

but not surprised…sorry Ed, I’m sure, you’re a lovely bloke and all that…

The Labour faithful have had so many years of ‘we thought we had it’ only to find out on election day, we were fooling ourselves.


What all of you fail to realise is that the Paradigm is shifting 

We are living in different times. This not then, this is now.

Nothing in our society is the same as it was back then

Except maybe my mother’s inability to co-ordinate colours in her clothing choices

…and  Jeremy Corbyn’s principles

corbyn-arrest-rob-scott Picture I found here: do read this blog too

So to those who are still afraid to dream, I say this:

Remember why that idealistic young person joined the Labour Party.

If you’re one of those who joined during the Blair (the new ‘he who shall not be named’) era and you don’t remember having dreams of social equality, working on behalf of the working classes and properly funded public services,

may I suggest that,

with the utmost respect,

much like fruit in savoury dishes,

the LABOUR party might not be the right place for you.

(what has happened to Liz Kendall anyway?
she was everywhere then whoosh,
nowhere to be seen. I’m worried about her…)

Take courage in the knowledge that:

when a Paradigm shifts, all bets are off

Remember Betamax? Forget that, do you remember Video Recorders?


Exactly, that’s an example of a Paradigm shift.

Down is up, Up is down and right-wing…

is still not acceptable in the Labour party…

So let’s move forward together and get rid of the root cause of the despair, pain and injustice in society, the Conservative Party. Let’s each and every one of us, go out and persuade, cajole, badger every person we know to go out and vote for a better vision for our society, for bringing out the best in Britain, not the worst.

Because, if they are fighting so hard to cling onto their paradigm, their way. If they are resorting to dirty tricks,

we’ve already won.

They just don’t know it yet.