Dear Milennials, I apologise…

Dear Milennials, I apologise…

But not for what you think 😃

I still think on most practical things, you’re really rubbish, don’t get me started…

But that’s not your fault

You’re all pretty rubbish at like expressing yourselves fam, hang on let me take a selfie *pouts*

But that’s not all your fault.

I think your general knowledge is shocking, but that’s not all your fault either.

I used to feel sorry for you, growing up not knowing the simple pleasure of opening a letter, writing a reply, then living through the agonising wait of sometimes weeks before you get a reply. Oh, but the satisfaction when it arrives… Glorious 💕 Especially if it’s a long one 😃

I used to shake my head that you had to grow up surrounded by an overload of media, but couldn’t be bothered to pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV.

I thought it was terrible that there are cameras everywhere and everything has to be live streamed

(no, I don’t want to watch even 30 seconds if you pouting into the lens…)

But I didn’t get it,

When you grow up surrounded by so much bullshit (sorry, Mum) you get used to spotting the bullshit ( again, sorry, Mum) and you know how to counter the bullshit (Ok, I swear, Mum, get used to it 😃).

If you don’t pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV, you’re less susceptible to the propaganda.

If you spend your life on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, you find out about what is going on instantaneously, and not through a mainstream media filter, but from the people who are in the middle of it, as it’s happening.




I used to want to shake you, when I heard you say, I’m not interested in politics, what’s the point? They’re all the same…

And do you know what, dear Milennials, you were bloody right. They were all the same.

But they’re not now, are they?

I wrote last year,

“The 33% non-voters are like that kid in lessons, let’s say a Politics lesson, who just can’t be bothered, until one day a new teacher arrives with a new enthusiasm, a friendly face and a kind message. Doing things differently and motivating them to be the best blooming Labour supporters they can be. Suddenly they can’t get enough of Politics, they want to go to extra after school rallies classes and everything.”

I admit, I also didn’t believe the young people would drag themselves out of their apathy, I thought you were too far gone.

I didn’t believe in you.

And for this, I apologise.

You just needed to be inspired.

If I may continue the analogy for a while, I underestimated the power of a good Politics teacher, someone who gives you something that you can’t buy, you can’t force and you cannot fake,


And a belief that things CAN be better, for all of us, not just some of us.


The fight has not yet been won, it’s only just begun.

The media will rise up against you

But I believe in you.

I believe you are better than they give you credit for.

I believe that, given wings, you can soar.

Sorry, got carried away there, but you get it, right?

You have so much (my Milennial nephew hates it when I use this word) POTENTIAL


Are you up for it?

Get those tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, facebooking fingers at the ready to defend and (politely please, you’re not savages) attack!

Talk to each other IRL 😃 (I’m so down, it’s almost uncool 😃)


Connect, organise, mobilise

Show us old fogies what you’re really made of.

Find your voices and roar!

Did that get weird there at the end? I thought that got a bit weird?
Anyhoo, you know what I mean 😃

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