Dear Young People Worldwide

I have been watching closely the events occurring over in the US and I find myself once again struck by how wrong I had been in my assessment of the current crop of young people (are 17 year olds still millennials?)

I feel once more obliged to update and refine my own personal apology to young people.

(My original apology can be found here:
 Dear Milennials, I apologise…,
but this is the revised version)

I am a great believer in “silver-lining” thinking.

This belief was seriously tested when DJT was elected President.

However, I persisted and managed to find some consolation in the fact that maybe, just maybe, the horror of DJT might spur the American nation to reevaluate their society and force some serious, heartfelt soul searching.

Much in the same way that the shock of BREXIT, has forced many Brits to do the same.

It was a faint hope, but a hope nonetheless.

Imagine how gratified I was last week to see some eloquent, politically-savvy, intelligent young people confidently telling their lawmakers that if they don’t start doing their jobs they will be removed, not by violence, but through the ballot box!

I was even more gratified to read about the numbers of young/first time voters registering to vote.

CNN Report

Dear Young People Worldwide

I still think on most practical things, you’re really rubbish, don’t get me started…

But that’s not your fault

Most of you are pretty rubbish at like expressing yourselves fam, hang on let me take a selfie *pouts*

But that’s not all your fault.

I think your general knowledge, on the whole, is shocking, but that’s not all your fault either.

I used to shake my head that you had to grow up surrounded by an overload of media, but couldn’t be bothered to pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV.

I thought it was terrible that there are cameras everywhere and everything has to be live streamed

(no, I don’t want to watch even 30 seconds of you pouting into the lens…)

But I didn’t get it,

When you grow up surrounded by so much bullshit (sorry, Mum) you get used to spotting the bullshit ( again, sorry, Mum) and you know how to counter the bullshit (Ok, I swear, Mum, get used to it 😃).

If you don’t pick up a newspaper or watch the news on TV, you’re less susceptible to the propaganda.

If you spend your life on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, you find out about what is going on instantaneously, and not through a mainstream media filter, but from the people who are in the middle of it, as it’s happening.




I used to want to shake you, when I heard you say, I’m not interested in politics, what’s the point? They’re all the same…

And do you know what, dear young people, you were bloody right.

Especially in the US.

They are all the same.

I don’t want to poke my nose into US politics, but from an outsider’s perspective, I have one, mostly rhetorical 🙂 question.

Could it be that corruption, legal bribery and extreme lobbying is the only thing in politics that is truly bi-partisan?

I admit, I also didn’t believe the young people would drag themselves out of their apathy,

tbh I thought you were too far gone.

I didn’t believe in you.

And for this, I apologise.

You just needed a shove.


Although it is heart-breaking that many of you had to live through such a terrifying experience to get there, maybe succeeding in making a change in society will give you a way to overcome the grief and really pay homage to the young people who lost their lives.

Watching the young people stand up and speak.


They spoke so eloquently, so beautifully with hope and and a deep belief that things CAN and MUST be better, for everyone.

The fight has not yet been won, it’s only just begun.

The media will rise up against you

But I believe in you.

I believe you are better than they give you credit for.

I believe that, given wings, you can soar.

Sorry, got carried away there, but you get it, right?

You have so much (my Milennial nephew hates it when I use this word) POTENTIAL


Are you up for it?

Get those tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, facebooking fingers at the ready to defend and (politely please, you’re not savages) attack!

Talk to each other IRL 😃 (I’m so down, it’s almost uncool 😃)

Register to Vote (US Citizens can find info here)

Connect, organise, mobilise

Show us old fogies what you’re really made of.

Find your voices and roar!

Did that get weird there at the end? I thought that got a bit weird?
Anyhoo, you know what I mean 😃

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