Hallo Berlin leute! #helpmeBerlin

Ich habe das Foto am Ende 1989 oder vielleicht Anfang 1990 gemacht. Er war Ost-Berliner. Ich habe mit ihm durch die Mauer gesprochen.
Kennst du diesen Mann? Kannst du vielleicht dieses Foto teilen?
Ich möchte ihn finden und vielleicht endlich seinen Name herausfinden! 🙂


I’m trying to find out the name of this man, I call him – My first ever Ossie! 🙂

This is the story:

I found a load of negatives a while back and had them put onto a CD –

Yes, you can do that nowadays, I did it at Asda,

but I’m sure you can do it at any photo place.


A couple of days ago, I was looking for this picture

CNV00049 and I saw a picture of the first  East German person I had ever spoken to. Through a hole in the Berlin Wall

yes that’s the metal bit on the right hand side…

So there I was, looking through the Wall and I saw this guy wandering past, I think he was just on his way home from work or something. He actually came over and we had a little chat. He was the first ever East German I spoke to. My German wasn’t great at that stage and I couldn’t really understand the accent, so I didn’t catch his name. It didn’t matter at the time, because I was so excited to be speaking to him. Plus, I think he thought I was a crazy person anyway and rushed off as soon as it was polite to do so!

So I started to wonder about him and what was his story of that time? Now he may no longer live in Berlin, but someone might know him.So I’m turning to social media.