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03/11/18 – Episode 7 – Mid Term Predictions

My predictions for the 2018 US Mid Term elections.

01/05/18 – Election

Reasons why you shouldn’t vote Conservative

 Dear Young People Worldwide

I once more apologise to young people

17/02/18 – The Gun Question

I delve into the thorny issue of Guns.

02/10/17 – Here’s a Tip for You, Theresa

Young people aren’t stupid, they’re not going to be fooled by Tory nonsense.

29/09/17 – Dear Mr Peston

My response to Robert Peston’s Facebook post about Corbyn’s speech to Labour Conference

16/06/17 – Dear Milennials, I apologise…

I think I misunderestimated you 🙂

11/06/17 – Who Knew??!

My take on the General Election 2017 and why the pundits and political ‘experts’ got it wrong… again

10/06/17 – Oh *Snap* Theresa

brief autopsy of the Tory campaign in the 2017 Election

05/06/17 – Healing rifts…

My personal plea to all Labour Party members

16/05/17 – Let’s Get This Done, Together!

In the midst of a paradigm shift, let’s bring this one home.

19/04/17 – What Do We Do Now?

Now that there will be an election, how can we decide?

18/04/17 – Dear Jeremy Corbyn

some advice for the leader of the Labour Party

19/02/17 – 45 POTUS? Everyone Just Calm Down

Some advice to the US Media on how to deal with petulant teenagers

18/11/16 – Educating Pegland

How our education system works.

11/11/16 – New Boiler? Bloody Nightmare!

The system is broken, people.

10/11/16 – The Red Herring of Immigration

It was never about immigration.

10/10/16 – Say Nothing

Labour MPs should remember, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

 25/09/16 – The Fair Way Forward

What next after Jeremy Corbyn’s second election as Leader of the Labour Party.

 19/09/16 – I Don’t Understand…

My reaction to the attacks on Momentum

 07/09/16 – The Expert Opinion

Do experts always know best?

 06/09/16 – They Always Focus on the Lead Singer

Everyone is focussing on Jeremy, what about the rest of the Band?

23/08/16 – Welcome to the Tipping point

Are we seeing slightly less bias in the media? Why?

 13/08/16 – A Side Order of Courage with your Principles

My attempt to unravel the reasons behind the PLP revolt.

 08/08/16 – I’m Furious!

Why isn’t everyone annoyed at what is happening in society and in the Labour party

 06/08/16 – Angry? I’m not Angry

My message to the 171 revolting MPs

04/08/16 – Examining the Myths

My attempt to dispel the Myth that Jeremy Corbyn  is not a Leader and other related myths.

01/08/16 – Explaining the Bias

I unpack an article and explain the bias within it.

 02/08/16 – Let’s Change the Debate

Instead of shouting at each other and trading insults, let’s look at things differently

 31/07/16 – It’s a Paradigm Shift, Enjoy the Ride!

I believe society has shifted. This is my explanation of how society shifts and why.

 15/07/16 – The Way I See It 2

My attempt to  look at why the media are biased against Corbyn.

15/06/16 – I just Can’t Decide…

My internal discussion of the Referendum question, to stay or to go?

 04/02/16 – The Way I See It

I believe the media got it all wrong and here’s why.