It’s a Paradigm shift, enjoy the ride!

Before reading this, please take the time to read my disclaimer.

I believe the Paradigm is shifting.

paradigm shift

By this I mean the societal Paradigm is shifting, dragging the political paradigm along with it. This may be all wishful thinking on my part, but I think I might be at least partially right about this.

The last shift of this size culminated with Thatcher. I believe her period of governance issued the end of the Community and the rise of the Individual.

Collectively, as a society, we began a period of celebration of the individuals, the entrepreneurs, the idea that you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make a success in life.

The pinnacle of success was seen through the veil of money. The more you had, the more you showed.

Hedonism and excess were the watch-words of the late 80s/early 90s.

Now, I believe we are shifting back from Individual to Community.

By community, I don’t mean that we’ll all be living in communes, wafting patchouli and dancing naked around fires.

I mean that we have gone as far as we can with this idea that all you have to do is decide to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you can create a successful life.

More and more we are becoming aware of the various inequalities.

We know that if you are a child living in certain parts of our country (especially in the north) the odds are prohibitively stacked against you. The education system has been manipulated to the point where schools have ceased to prepare young people for the demands of life, because they are drowning in paperwork, OFSTEAD visits and desperate to do well in league tables.

Education should not be a competitive sport!
Education should be a co-operative process with schools sharing best practice and experiences.

Life has become increasingly unequal or the inequalities are now more pronounced.

More austere.

People are finding it harder and harder to step over homeless people on the streets. Finding it harder to ignore the increase in poverty or the rise of the food banks. We all know that this shouldn’t be happening, not in the 21st Century, not in Britain.

It times of hardship, people want to pull together a little bit more. We are seeing the rise of community groups, because public funding is being cut and it’s the only way to keep things going.

We can all feel that there’s something not right with the world, there’s so much sadness, so much despondency and helplessness everywhere we look.

The simplest way possible to explain how a paradigm shift works is this.

Society is a bell curve

bell curve

Most people are in the middle portion of the bell curve.

Paradigm shifts start with the OUTLIERS, people lying outside of the middle norm. Usually, ideas start being discussed among the outliers and then trickle slowly into the public consciousness until they become ‘normal’. We see this most frequently in fashion.

A dress starts in the mind of a designer (an outlier), it gets shown to the magazine editors, who then disseminate the ideas to their readers, who then start to discuss the dress and then start to ask for the dress, and not long after, a version of that dress is available on the high street for mass consumption. Sometimes a dress can completely change the industry, until the next outlier comes up with the next dress.

Shifts in society take much longer.

How long it takes depends on how easily/quickly the ideas are disseminated or can be disseminated.

No-one can predict who/what the catalyst will be for a paradigm shift.

That thing that propels a few outlying ideas/outlying people to the centre of the debate.

But it starts with a general mood,

a feeling that things must change.

A few OUTLIERS speak this view out loud

They are considered by the general population to be ‘crazy’ people, but I will describe them as VISIONARIES, because they have a different vision of the future.

As soon as thoughts are vocalised, people then listen.

Some people hear and dismiss the view as crazy talk,

Some people listen and think, “so I’m not alone”, and they then seek out the outlier and begin communicating with them.

These are the COMMUNICATORS, because emboldened by the knowledge that they are not alone, they go off and tell their friends/family about the visionary and at the same time, they start to communicate their views.

This process continues, some people will condemn the visionary as crazy, others will seek them out.

Those who seek them out, then become communicators until enough people are talking about this different vision of the future, that it ceases to be an outlying opinion. It becomes the accepted view.

Those who have maintained the original vision of the future, then become OUTLIERS.

Now consider this:

If you are someone benefiting hugely from the current way a society runs, if you are making huge profits through the different political choices made by successive governments, how hard would you fight to keep this gravy train rolling?

If you can see the beginnings of a paradigm shift, and you can control the media, you can effectively stop the dissemination of these ideas. Simpler said, all you have to do to maintain the status quo is ensure that the outlying ideas do not get filtered into the mass consciousness.

How do you do that?

  1. You discredit the ideas
  2. You discredit the person speaking the ideas (VISIONARY)
  3. You discredit anyone listening to or repeating the ideas (COMMUNICATORS).

Do this enough times, people stop hearing the message, they laugh at the visionary.

This is easy to achieve if the majority of people get their information from a small number of sources.

The problem is that more and more people now get their information from a multitude of sources. People are now communicating with each other, passing ideas and information around like marbles in the playground.

Corbyn was nominated to present an alternative voice in the first leadership campaign – by very definition an OUTLIER.

The only hope is to portray the man as a joke and the supporters as thugs and monsters.

The Media have been grooming the general public for many years. gaining trust and loyalty by entertaining them, by giving them something to look forward to and smile about. An entire industry has been created to distract/divert /entertain – the Rise of the Celebrity.

Like a chocolate bar, wonderful to have, but quite bad for you and ultimately not very filling.

They’ve used this loyalty and trust to subtly influence opinions until they have them docile enough to simply spoon feed the opinions to them

without challenge

without question.

(Article explaining media bias here)

full report here: Corbynresearch

In fact, the paradigm shift of WORDS has already succeeded.

At first Corbyn was a crazy loony lefty SOCIALIST. The very use of the word was a condemnation, it reminded those who can remember, of the 80s and the militant trots (how scary they were!). Now we have Corbyn’s challenger don the mantel of the Socialist in an attempt to win votes.

We have already seen a decline in the amount of pundits saying that he is unpopular, now they are focussing on

“a few hundred people at a rally doesn’t translate into election success”

Maybe not,

but a few hundred people, enthused and motivated, has already turned into thousands of people, enthused and motivated.

With enough communicators, these thousands can be turned into millions.

It is now becoming harder and harder for the media to present Corbyn as a crazy person.

People see the misrepresentation on the news.


People are asking themselves:

“Why are the media so against this guy? He seems alright to me”

This leads to curiosity…


So if you share a new vision of the future, go out and be communicators.

But remember, you are communicators, not aggressors.

People who cling on to the old paradigm are not doing it for fun, it is a form of self-preservation.

It’s easy to accept the sky is green, if you never to look up to check.

If you have completely bought into the old paradigm, anything else is unthinkable, they will fight tooth and nail to avoid/ignore the new paradigm as it completely destroys their world view.

Be conscious of this and be kind.




Before I write any more of these blogs, I just wanted to bring your attention to the following disclaimer.

I want to make it very clear that these are my thoughts and opinions, at no time am I suggesting that this is fact, merely my personal supposition.

I’m not an economist, nor am I a political commentator. I’m just a curious type who reads quite a bit, watches a lot of TV, used to regularly read a daily newspaper (until it annoyed me too much, so I cancelled my subscription) and considers myself a left leaning liberal (with a small L).

I consider myself, first and foremost, a teacher, an educator. I have taught/had experience of a wide range of schools.

I have also experience of business, I was a management consultant and worked in a variety of organisations around Europe. I lived in Germany for long enough to be fluent in German and have people there who I love and cherish. I love to travel and see a little bit of the world, I’ve seen more than most, but not as much as some. There’s still more to see.

I am not an expert, I am a keen observer, who spends far too much time thinking of these sorts of things.

I talk to people,

                    I argue with people,

                                                    I shout at people,

I try to be a kinder, better, more patient person every time I talk with people.

Some days I am more successful at this than others.

I like to look at life with a smile and if possible I gravitate towards the funny.

I fundamentally believe that, all things being equal, given the breathing space to think things over,

people are decent, kind and caring.

When I see people not being these things, I start to wonder why? This has led me to spend more time than is healthy pondering the different motivations people have when they say or write something.

I am no angel.

I can be very impatient.

People sometimes call me aggressive and I can be intimidating, I’ve accepted this and I try not to be.

I’m a work in progress.

I still foam at the mouth when I see Laura Kuenssberg, even though I should be forgiving. She’s a woman in the BBC Newsroom, which I can’t imagine is a fluffy and welcoming place for her to work (I could be wrong). She’s worked her way up to her position, it must have been hard. It’s just a terrible shame, she’s not a very good journalist. It’s disappointing that she is unable to keep her personal agenda out of her professional sphere

But I digress…

I’m saying this because I want you to understand, that I’m just thinking aloud,

I’m not an expert,

I repeat, I’m not an expert.

I’m not trying to change your mind,

I’m not trying to bully you into anything,

I’m just thinking… in public.

I do not intend to upset, concern, disappoint or offend. If you are any of these things, I’m sure there is a BBC helpline for it, but know that it was unintentional.

If you disagree, I will gladly listen to your views, hear your opinions, but reserve the right to simply agree to disagree.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on any of my thoughts and opinions, but please refrain from profanity or crass language (my mum reads this!).

I like reasoned debate and respectful discourse, I hope you do too.

Don’t like the world we have now?
We have the world our choices led us to

let’s just start making better choices…


The Way I See It 2

I apologise now, sorry if you have had enough of all my political postings, but I’ve decided I will say my piece and those of you who want to delete me off Facebook/Twitter are free to do so. I wanted to share some thoughts about why pretty much everything you have heard/read might be wrong. Why am I so angry about it? Because I can identify. I know what it feels like for your ‘colleagues’ to think you don’t deserve your job. I know how it feels to work hard achieve results and have that mean nothing. I know how it feels to increase popularity, but be treated like you are destroying things.

Because I know how it feels, I will stand up for him. Because that’s what you do, you stand up to bullies.

So, here goes…

How can HUNDREDS of thousands of people be described as ‘extreme’ or ‘too far left’, could it be that politics as a whole has moved too far right?

Could this shift be traced back to when our free press became the personal plaything of media moguls?

I also believe there are many more people thinking,

‘you know, that Jeremy Corbyn seems different to other politicians’,

If he had had unbiased reporting from the press, the Labour Party would be unstoppable, which is exactly what the political elites, multinationals and media elites are genuinely afraid of.

A good idea is to follow the money.

All these money making schemes that successive governments have been delivering to the corporations and big business would disappear under Corbyn. Just think of the profits that will be lost. We are talking millions. All lost, if we as a country decide that, actually, rich people have enough money now, it’s time for us to share it around a bit more.

There are people who are thinking, we are a rich first world country, why does my local area feel like a third world slum, when I’m watching the lives of the super rich in London on my telly? Why are there so many food banks? Why are so many children now living in poverty, we had to change the definition of poverty, so that Cameron could sleep at night?

Successive governments have been chosen by the media. For allowing their backers to monopolise the media, so that the media, through the use of subtle propaganda, the use of just a few select adjectives, can send out subliminal messaging on a rolling hourly basis.

Those soundbite people who have got into the habit of allowing the media to spoon feed them their opinions, have simply allowed the subliminal phrases,

‘Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable’,

 ‘momentum is made up of thugs and villains’,

 ‘Corbyn supporters are 1980s Trots trying to destroy the Labour Party’

to morph from opinion to fact.

Imagine how horrifying it is for them all to see someone who hasn’t sold out their principles for expenses, career advancement or the promise of a lucrative speaking tour of the US. Someone who simply cannot be bought.

Stop complaining about these things and start pointing out to people how easily they allowed themselves to be tricked by a sleight of hand of massive proportions. 

A government who have stolen so many public funds and handed over so much that belonged to us to private companies who are then free to bleed everything dry, so much that the entire system is collapsing and before anyone sees the crimes, they point at a group of vulnerable people or people just wanting to make better lives for themselves and their families and say they are to blame for our hospitals being at breaking point and our schools being too full.


Instead of saying, hang on, you have cut everything and still added to the deficit, it’s your fault that the warmth of spirit has left the country, they look at the immigrants and see a threat, just as they have been told to.

It’s an easy sell really, pump up the anti-Immigrant agenda, make people afraid of them and make people believe that they are flooding the country. Truth be damned!

So instead of arguing with people simply challenge them when you hear them repeating the myths,  for example, ask them exactly what makes Jeremy Corbyn unelectable?

How can you call someone who has won every election since 1983 in a culturally and economically diverse constituency, unelectable?

They cannot answer because the media have been very lazy, they haven’t told people why, they haven’t needed to, all they have had to do is repeat it over and over again. No one challenges it on TV, no one is challenging it in print, everyone in the media simply keep stating it as fact, not explaining that it is an OPINION.

The real fact is,

No-one knows whether Jeremy Corbyn can win a General Election,

especially not those political editors and ‘experts’ who told us repeatedly that Ed Milliband had moved to the left. Not those people who thought that remain would win, not those people who have got everything, literally everything, wrong since they correctly predicted the result of the Scottish referendum. Because that is when the wheels fell off their well oiled mutually beneficial machine. Because it politicised the masses in Scotland and they decided they wanted to rule their country.

That could never happen here could it?

Oh look there’s that ‘crackpot’ Jeremy Corbyn…

see my other Corbyn article here

May the good times roll :)

2016 has been bloody awful. 

In an attempt to lighten my mood, I watched this video:

I disagree on one point only.

Not every year is going to be meaningful, special and purposeful… Blah, blah, blah…

Let’s face it, 

Some years are going to be shitty… 

Life isn’t always skipping through a meadow of bliss. 

Low moments and bad times are important. The lows help you appreciate the highs. 

if you have never been to the bottom, you never learn how to dig into your inner reserves and find a way out. Struggle helps you learn and grow. You find that you actually have more inner strength than you ever expected. You find out who you can really trust and rely on, you learn to prioritise. 

So when you’re having a shitty year

Deal with it, 

Don’t give up, get through it, so you can be there to enjoy the good times. 

Know that

Bad times should be fleeting and good times can last.

I do agree about the work thing though.